Recommend you drive from Hunter Moon and park at the beginning of the walk. It is one of my favourite walks follow the road towards Singleton and take a left just on the outskirts of town to Charlton Road. The Fordwich Road is the third road on the left as you go along Charlton Road in the direction of Singleton. Google Fordwich Road to see the map.

It is around 5.8Km if you walk from the start of the road to the top of hill (just before it turns into a dirt road). You see many types of birds, sometimes kangaroos, cows, vineyards and some beautiful gardens. It is a quiet road so much easier to walk. The views are fabulous and a nice look back to Broke and Yellow Rock. Also Blaxland use to have a house there but all that is left is an indentation in the hillside.

You can either walk from Hunter Moon if you want to make it a bigger walk, or park your car at the beginning of Hill St. The round trip is around 4Kms and you can stop half way and taste wine and olives at Whispering Brook. You can also go to wine tasting at Margan and Nightingales and stop for lunch afterwards. There is also Stomp wines if you would like to try one more!  Recommend you have someone pick you up or a non drinker ready to take you back!

This is a very sacred spot that is of a huge significance to the Wonnarua Nation. It is a wonderful experience to take in the surroundings and think about how it once was the great gathering spot of many groups that lived near and far.

To get there:  Drive to the end of Milbrodale Road in the direction of Bulga and just before the Milbrodale Public school there is a dirt road with a sign to Baime Cave (Welshes Road). It is not very well sign posted but you need to follow the road for about 1Km (you go through a ford which only cross when its dry) which I think is called the Old Bulga Road. There is a house very close by and an old piggery which you walk past or can park. 

Please note this is actually private land and they have allowed people to access this cave so be respectful of their land.  You can continue to walk around on a track which is above the Cave. It is just over an hour round trip, around 7km. Very picturesque with great views and I always see Wallabies. After you have visited you can drop into Ascella Organic wines which is nearby and also has very pretty views. They also have cheese and BBQ packs in the warmer months.

This is a great walk which gives you a wonderful view of Yellow Rock and the open pasture fields with lots of cows on one side and Alpacas on the other side. Leaving Hunter Moon Country House drive back along Milbrodale Road towards Broke. Adams Peak Road is on the right hand side just after the Alpaca farm.  Park at the beginning of the road and walk to the end of the sealed road. It is a 3.4 Km round trip and you can stop and have lunch and a wine tasting at Mt Broke estate and enjoy a beautiful view.